Our Vision, Our Practice, Our Faith

The Order of the Sacred Heart is a progressive and inclusive community of monastic practitioners, incorporating the lineage and teachings of the Eastern and Western Masters to enhance our spiritual experience. The entire focus is "gnosis," or self knowledge and self discovery.

We encourage every member, whether lay or ordained, to become empowered spiritual practitioners by enriching your everyday life with the Holy Presence of our teachers, and lineage masters.

In this way, a type of spiritual quickening takes place, making us more effective spiritual practitioners, and servants to the local communities in which we reside. 

Post-Denominational & Inclusive - While we recognize the critical and essential mystical teachings of our two root lineage founders, the Lord Jesus and the Lord Buddha, we are a post-denominational monastic order. We are non-sectarian, and recognize the sacred heart of unconditional love that exists in all spiritual traditions.

Ancient Teachings & Modern Practices - We are a sacramental and liturgical monastic order. We hold that our outer spiritual practices and spiritual works are visible signs of a manifestation of inner divine grace, and are powerful aids to spiritual growth. We know that everyone is unique, and that is why we are too. We encourage our clergy and laity to have the freedom to be who they are and better serve their communities, as well as to explore all faith traditions founded on the concepts of unconditional love to enhance their spiritual experience.

Syncretic - Being syncretic is the attempt to reconcile contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. Syncretism may involve attempts to merge and analogise several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, and thus assert and underlying unity allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths.

Ancient Lineages Merge - The Order of the Sacred Heart holds both Eastern and Western spiritual lineages. We hold pure and unbroken Apostolic Succession flowing to us from the original Heart Disciples of Lord Jesus (the Apostles - the enthroned bishops of the ancient Western church starting with Saint James in Jerusalem), as well as the Heart Disciples of the Lord Buddha and Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). 
The Divine Feminine​

Come O Holy Sophia! Fill us with your presence!
Our eyes are open -- 
Our ears are open to hear and to receive you, Come!
O Come we want to know your mystery and your wisdom.

Sophia is the Greek name for the feminine figure of divine Wisdom in ancient Judaism. Many early Christians viewed the Christ as both the Word (Logos) and Wisdom (Sophia) of God. 

Including both Christ and Sophia in the name Christ-Sophia restores the Divine Feminine in Christianity. The Sophia that has always been acknowledged by esoteric Christianity is the key to unlock the Christian wisdom that is needed for our time. 
Recognizing the Sacred Feminine leads to a renewed vision of the sacredness of the natural world and the value of mystical experience, surrounding the central concept of “sacred marriage," and the role of pilgrimage to sacred sites as a spiritual practice.

We believe that the Feminine in dynamic relation with the Masculine is necessary for the transformation of human consciousness that is so desperately needed in our world. This is the great work for those who are walking on the path of gnosis.

What does it mean when someone praises the divine feminine? Or when someone says the divine feminine is the way to healing and enlightenment? Or that the divine feminine is reawakening our world at this time, heralding a return to higher frequencies of light and thought? Is this a Christian concept? Buddhist? Is it tied to religion? Or is it a spiritual concept? What is its history and where are its roots?

The answer is simple. The divine feminine is the goddess in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These traditions are a mystical, magical, powerful, part of primal Mother Earth. They symbolize balance and healing, renewal and restoration.

Sophia is a very ancient form of the Goddess of Wisdom. She is known in many traditions by different names but she carries the mantle of intuitive intelligence. Mary Magdalene is said to have been an incarnation of Sophia.

The Old Testament’s King Solomon had a deep and profound relationship with Sophia. She was revered as the wise bride of Solomon by the Jewish people. 

The symbol of Sophia is the dove, depicted as the bird descending from the heavens, known in Christianity as the Holy Spirit.

The exotic and mysterious Black Madonnas have their roots in the pre-Christian goddess traditions. These energetic places often have a sacred water source and a Celtic foundation. The Black Madonna is another form of the feminine principle.

So what is the feminine principle?

Simply put, her principles are ones of nurturing, of love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.

Whatever your beliefs and choice of traditions are, whether She appears to you as Green Tara, Ishtar or Mari, Gaia or Quan Yin, as the great Mother Mary or Magdalene, or as one of the pantheon of goddesses from ancient Egypt or Greece or Rome, to Africa or the Middle East, to the cults of the Black Madonna, or whether she is spun from one of the archetypes of the indigenous tribes, such as Spider Woman, the divine feminine is still the primordial She who creates from a central source.
Our Lineage Holders​

Lineage holders in the Order of the Sacred Heart are considered to be spiritual masters who, out of his or her compassion for the suffering of sentient beings, has vowed to to help all beings attain enlightenment and salvation from suffering. 

To fulfill this aspiration, a lineage holder will generally need to go through the complete process of recognition, enthronement and training. 

Formal recognition generally occurs soon after a master has been identified, but only after other important lineage masters have been consulted. The newly identified lineage master does not take on any formal responsibilities at the time of recognition. 

Lineage Holders
Senior Throne Holder & Founder

His Eminence Mar Matthaios 
2014 - Current
Lineage Holder 

His Excellency the Venerable Mar Doug Walker
Enthronement scheduled for March 2015
Lineage Master 

His Excellency the Venerable Mar Mark Windon
Enthroned November 2014

In the Order of the Sacred Heart, our lineage holders are essentially our Bishops - those responsible for the ordination and training of new monastics, and those responsible for ensuring the integrity of the dharma being taught and practiced by our spiritual practitioners. Each lineage holder heads their own monastic sangha under the umbrella of the OSH, and maintains total autonomy in the day to day activities and training of their monastics.